About Us


 Visit the Smith Island Heritage Center Museum to im​merse yourself in the island history and way of life. 


 Bicycle  between the communities of Ewell and Rhodes Point. Bring your own bike  or rent one.  The Cottage has two Beach Bikes available for use 


Kayak  the local channels and explore the uninhabited island on color-coded  marked trails. Bring your kayaks on the ferry or contact Crisfield Kayak  and Canoe Rentals Call 443-783-2486 or contact crisfieldkayak.com

Bird Watching


 Bird watching: The island is a bird watcher's paradise. The 4000 acre Martin Wildlife Refuge is  home to the great blue herons, snowy egrets , night herons, wild swans  and the largest bald eagle population in the country. Bring your  binoculars. 



Hire a local  waterman to take you to see the baby pelicans, to the other village of  Tylerton, and to explore the amazing marshes.